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10 Bar Gym pack

10 Bar Gym pack

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Rendering loop-subscriptions
Rendering loop-subscriptions

10 x 80-85g in Point of Sale Box.

10 bars for you to share or retail at your gym (individual bars retail for £7.00 each plus postage so you make £2.00 per bar sold) helping your fighters stay infection free and healthy and your gym to avoid Ringworm and Staph outbreaks that disrupt trade.

Tea tree, Eucalyptus and Peppermint essential oil Glycerine soap with Vit E - Soap that cares for your skin

Bigger bar = Better value = Less admin = You never run out

For all skin types. Used by BJJ Hobbyists, current UFC Stars, Professional Rugby Players and tiny kids suffering with Skin problems...

Excellent for soothing Eczema, Dry Itchy skin, & Psoriasis, The Essential Oils in this natural soap help to moisturise & Sooth problem skin whilst providing a strong defence against skin infections like Staph (which can be deadly if untreated!) and Ringworm.

This Soap has been used by thousands of people, We offer a full moneyback guarantee!


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UK, EU, Canada, USA via Royal Mail. For specific or tailored shipping contact us here.

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