Forced underground like Ninja Turtles

we emerged post lockdown hard as nails and smelling of essential oils, well. We smelled nice anyway!

As Grapplers we wanted to find the best possible defence against skin infection picked up off the mats and each other.

This in turn led us into research of soap & essential oils (used for thousands of years for natural defence against infection.. During the Plague grave robbers in England knew of the power of essental oils and smothered themselves in it before exhuming and stealing corpses)

Suitably impressed with essential oils we tried several soaps but none of them wowed us. So we started to make our own. Months more research, trial and error led finally to the method and recipe we use today.

Our recipe is CSPR registered and approved by pharmacists and the method we use to lock in the amazing natural smell (no cheap fragrance used) means the soap (and you) smell great and stand the best chance of staying healthy.

Although the soap was developed for after grappling it is now widely being used by non grapplers and we are regularly delighted to hear from customers about how it's cleared up or soothed their skin. The smell has been a massive hit with men and women alike.

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Our Goals

  • To make a soap to protect us and keep us healthy and to share this with the jiu jitsu, MMA and grappling community,
  • Do a little bit of good along the way. We aren't goody two shoes do gooders but by supporting B1G1 every bar sold provides clean, filtered drinking water for 7days for a child in Tanzania. When doing good is so easy why wouldn't you try?
  • To support fighters and martial artists at grass roots level through basic sponsorship 
  • to spread the word to regular people that our soap might be able to help them and their skin by switching over from shower gels 
  • money back guarantee! If you don't love the soap I'll refund you without any hassle